Hard Rockin' Ska-Punk Metal Disco from Roma/California/Sweden

Watch the video of REMEMBER WHEN, the first single off the second INBRED KNUCKLEHEAD album Family Album!

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Like a mother and father who are actually brother and sister, but somehow their children turn out alright, IKH's heavy fusion of Rock/ Punk/ Ska/ Surf/ Metal/ Funk/ Reggae/ Disco translates into a contagious vibe that sweeps the audience off its ass and onto its feet with groovy rhythms and explosive . All served with crazy on-stage antics, weird faces and all around good humor attitude.

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Mike Botula


Southern California slap happy bass lines and surf punk streetwise lyrics

Dario Sacco


Egyptian kick-ass and take no prisoners drumming and mad genius arranging skills

Marco Vallini


In-your-face, explosive Roman rap and off the hook stage energy

Kristian Hansen


Swedish hardcore guitar shredding madness along with butter cookie melodies


«Personally I think they're really a reincarnation of the Beastie Boys who've spent too much time in the backwoods smokin' Kentucky Blue Grass with Hayseed Dixie»

Abi Rhodes - Abi Rhodes' Zigzag Wanderings

«If you could go to one of their concerts everyday, gyms would bankrupt. They make you produce more endorphines than any aerobics lesson. They make you move, they make you have fun»

Ornella Stagno - MArteMagazine

«Sweaty madness between ska, rock, folk and the noise of fun, whistling and laughing. It's the inbred style born out of musical incest. There is no will to change the music, nothing is calculated: if we have fun it works. It's a shindig and the fun is both on and off the stage»

Emiliana Pistillo - Loudvision


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